Friday, January 18, 2013

OMG...I think we have a second line!!! It worked!!!!

I am without question an early tester when it comes to pregnancy.  I can't seem to help myself. I mentally bargain with myself over how long I can wait/ how long I SHOULD wait to maintain my sanity! I was an early tester even when I was just charting because I figured if you knew within a day or two when you ovulated, you could know within a couple day window when to test. Well, IVF has been a whole new bag of NUTS because I know EXACTLY what the embryos looked like going in and ABOUT when a test might turn positive if there were one or maybe two babies in there.  So I started testing the morning of 2dp6dt and the tests have all been negative.

Well, I woke up this morning feeling well rested and optimistic...only to look at my morning tests and be disappointed to see them all (yep, I take MULTIPLE tests every morning) be negative. So, I left them on the counter to go down and take my morning meds and let old Hank (our dog) out and then come back up to brush my teeth and get ready and find....a possible super squinter of a second line on my Wondfo but the OSOM test is negative. So I dip an Answer test and force myself to walk away for 10 minutes (who knew 10 minutes lasted SO LONG!!!). Go back, Answer is a squinter, OSOM is a squinter, Wondfo still a squinter. OMG, OMG, OMG. I dip a comes back "not pregnant" but it doesn't crush my hopefulness because I think this is it. God I hope it darkens over the next couple days and I can get a positive digi by Monday so DH will let us go for the beta Monday morning!!!!!!
P.S. I am very much aware that most people (especially those among you who are fertile) can NOT see a line in these pictures.  It takes months and years of practice to be able to squint enough to make out the lines on these....but they ARE there ;)

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