Sunday, January 27, 2013

Announcing to the Bacon's (my immediate family)

This surprise took a bit of planning but I KNEW it was going to work.  You see, today is my Mom's birthday!  My mom is probably my most favorite person in the world (except maybe Eric, sorry everyone else, you all come in a close second) and it is not out of the ordinary at all for me to make a big production of her birthday. I sent her an itinerary of events starting with breakfast at 9 am and ending with cake and ice cream at 9 pm and once she approved the itinerary, I invited the rest of the family.  I also called up Adam and Kristie to get them in on a special plan of providing 3 separate birthday presents throughout the day.  I don't think it would have been suspicious if I was the only one doing 3 separate presents, but it might have made it more suspicious that I was video taping her opening the presents, so I am glad they played along because the video is PRICELESS!  So, the three gift themes were #1 - movie candy, #2 small gift, #3 actual present.  The baby surprise was my gift #2 which we were giving after lunch. 

So Eric and I show up with doughnuts at 9 am and we all give mom gift #1.  I gave her a bag of Swedish Fish and a vase with Tulips (it didn't fit anywhere else with my gift giving and Adam and KB were a little grumpy about it, but hey, the woman loves tulips), Adam gave her snow caps, and Kristie gave her cherry cordials. Then we head to the movie (Silver Linings Playbook) and I realize I have made a critical mistake...I forgot to film the first set of gifts! I panic but come up with a plan to begin photo documenting starting with lunch and then back track to take pictures of all the Gift #1's before proceeding to Gift #2's.  We go to Waffle house (which Mom loves for reasons unbeknownst to literally anyone else with taste buds) and lunch passes quickly and we are FINALLY on the way back to the house to do the second gifts. I lap back to take pictures of mom with the morning presents

and we get started with the afternoon presents.  Adam wants to go last because his present has a funny story behind it but Eric says "you DO NOT want to go last!" I want to punch Eric because I feel like he is going to give something away but no one thinks anything of it.  KB goes first and gives mom an Amazon gift card.  Adam goes second and gives mom and 5$ Kroger gift card wrapped in 3 dollars and with 3 dimes taped to the front.  At the beginning of the week Adam had had 28 dollars in poker winnings and he said he was going to double it up at his weekly poker game and use it to buy her present.  Poker did not go so well so then he only had $8.30 for her gift and she couldn't come up with a gift she wanted in that price range so Adam had to get creative.  She got a pretty good chuckle out of that one.

Next came the gift from Eric and I and to say she was totally SHOCKED would be an understatement.  The video below speaks for it self and is HILARIOUS (viewer discretion is advised, KB in her excitement to find out what is going on does drop one F bomb pretty close to the mic).

This is a close up of the onesies in the box; Mom's says "I can read Grandma like a book" (because she is an avid reader) and Dad's says "Grandpa's next project" but shows a baby playing in paint (because my dad was artistic back in the day and I am hoping he will pass that along to our baby)

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