Friday, February 1, 2013

5w3d ultrasound...Please be there little bean!

Wow, was it ever a bad idea to pick an afternoon appointment for this ultrasound!  I have been up since about 7 am (Eric wakes me up every morning for the delightful task of injecting Progesterone in oil into my tushie using a 1.5 inch long needle...SUPER fun!) Anyhow, today I cannot fall asleep again following this injection as I am excited for the ultrasound this afternoon.  As the day progresses though (and it does progress, though VERY, VERY slowly), my excitement to see the bean starts to turn into fear that there will be NO bean...or a bean in the one and only tube I have, or some other horrible reason why a million pregnancy tests have been positive but I am not truly pregnant.  I am completely stressed by 11 am and the appointment is not until 1:45. I try to distract myself with TV (not diverting enough), with the Internet (mistake!), and by taking a nap (not actually going to happen)...Eventually it is time to go and I bundle up my courage and head out.

We are taken back very quickly to the ultrasound room (a pleasant surprise) and Becca (the medical assistant) gets my blood pressure before heading is High at 132/90.  She asks if there is any reason it might be high today (I usually run 112-120/70s).  I mention my stress/anxiety and she smiles at me and we move on. The doctor is in lickity split and it is the moment of truth...Eric holds my hand and I hold my breath and we see:

One gestational sac with a yolk sac and a very tiny, sesame seed sized fetal pole (it is between the two plus signs).  We definitely have a baby! It is in the right place! This really WORKED!!!! There are many hurdles to overcome and anything could happen at any moment but for now I rejoice in the knowledge that I am in this moment, a MOTHER :) :) :)

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