Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 weeks

We have made it to 7 weeks, just 3 weeks to go until we make it to the first major milestone (our previous pregnancy miscarried at 9w4d so at 10 weeks we will be farther along than we have been before!).  Today is also my oldest nephew Dylan's royal birthday.  According to my mom's mom, the royal birthday is the birthday on which you turn the same age as the date of your birthday, so for example, Dylan is turning 12 on Feb 12th.  Eric and I are scheduled to head down to Mom's for a visit and dinner later today to celebrate :) 

This week I also want to start keeping a pregnancy tracker of sorts to track the progress of this pregnancy over time.  I probably will not do belly bump shots as those of you who know me know that the stress and depression of these last several years of infertility have already added a pretty good sized bump anyway :( Oh well, that is a problem to be tackled at a later time! Without further ado, the pregnancy tracker:

Frequent Urination at night only (which does not help symptom 2), Fatigue, Occasional Nausea (worse in the evening this week), Super Smell, Uncomfortable when trying to sleep or wearing pants (oh sweat pants, you are my new best friend!), Spotting/Bleeding (which causes an additional symptom of nervousness) and Sore boobies (sorry future baby, it happens) 
Food Aversions:
Anything with a strong smell


Fresh Fruits (especially Cuties)

Weight Gain:
2.4 pounds - not great but not terrible


Great Moments/Milestones:
Getting to see the baby's heartbeat

Size of Baby:



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