Thursday, February 21, 2013

8w2d ultrasound - Our squishy gummy bear

Today is our last visit with Dr. Thie.  After this, we are no longer considered special infertile people but just part of the normal pregnant population which is a milestone of sorts I guess.  I am both excited and nervous for this appointment.  Obviously I am very excited to see the baby and the growth that has occurred since our last little peek. I am excited to make sure that he or she is still okay.  I am nervous because I have gotten used to checking in on the baby and am afraid to leave this special doctor with her frequent ultrasounds for a regular doctor.  I did buy a Doppler machine to use at home but I am not sure how far along I will need to be before I will be able to hear anything, especially considering I am not starting out a skinny girl.

The visit was quick and smooth this time.  Dr. Thie herself came out to take me back to the ultrasound room and after a brief pause to let me get undressed and covered back up on the table she did the ultrasound.  I was literally SHOCKED by how much bigger the baby is! I am so used to only seeing the blobs (1st pregnancy was all blobs, this pregnancy was blobs so far) that to be able to clearly make out a head, a body and even tiny little arm and leg buds was AMAZING! And then the most important thing, that tiny little flicker in the middle of it all that said I am still here mommy, my heart is still beating, don't worry :)  It was an awesome experience.  To top off the awesomeness, I will soon be switching from Progesterone in Oil injections (OUCH!) to progesterone suppositories which I will need to stay on until 12 weeks.  From experience, the suppositories are messy and not the most fun, but my booty needs a break from being treated like a very large pin cushion. Without further ado, here is the picture of our sweet baby.  Today the baby measured 8w4d along, so two whole days ahead :) You just keeping growing in there big guy (or girl).

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