Tuesday, February 19, 2013

8 weeks

Time is moving SO slowly. Days seem to take a week to go by but we are now at 8 weeks with only 2 weeks to go to get past our previous miscarriage milestone. Other than the dragging of time, this has been a pretty good week.  Most importantly, I am VERY excited to see the baby again at our final RE appointment on Thursday :)

Night time pee fest continues, occasional nausea, occassional tiredness, super smell BUT the good news is my normal pants are back to feeling normal so I guess I was just bloated before and won't be the fattest pregnant lady ever! :) 

Food Aversions:

Anything with a strong smell and also, and I am very surprised to say this, but ice cream usually sounds TERRIBLE right now (which is quite out of character for me)

Fresh Fruits, Cinnamon Applesauce, and Popsicles
Weight Gain:
None - Back to starting weight :) LOVE it!
Great Moments/Milestones:
Upcoming ultrasound in 2 days

Size of Baby:

Raspberry (0.63 in/0.04 oz)

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