Saturday, January 19, 2013

Telling Daddy

So I woke up this morning and took another test and the line was slightly darker so even though the digital still said negative, I decided to go ahead and share the good news with Eric.  I have been planning this surprise for quite some time (ever since losing the first pregnancy which I announced by PowerPoint presentation).  The idea has morphed over time but the final product has been sitting in my closet for about a year now, waiting. Everything is packed inside a box which I pretended to bring in from our front porch as though it was just delivered by UPS.

When he opened the box, he saw this:
And when he pulled it out and opened it, this was inside:

Eric is an engineer so one of the onesies has a picture of a robot and says "my daddy engineered me" (Especially relevant since this is an IVF pregnancy). He also LOVES video games so the other onesie is a picture of a baby with a video game controller coming out of the umbilical cord and under that it says "1 UP". I have never been so happy as watching him open that box (except maybe when watching the second test line FINALLY show up)!

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