Wednesday, March 6, 2013

10 weeks (one day late) and the first prenatal appointment

Hooray! Double digits on pregnancy weeks!!!!  Feels like a real milestone :) Okay, this post is a day late because I still have a cold which is seriously kicking my butt, mainly because it is impossible to sleep when your nose is so clogged that NO air can go through yet it is still super drippy (and you can't sniffle the drips back in so the tickly drips wake you back up...sigh.  Oh well, this is a bump in the road and at least I am blessed not to have to go to work being sick and pregnant as well as I am sure many expecting mothers do.  Eric has been so a wonderful husband, especially this week when I really think I have possibly been the worst, crankiest wife on the PLANET!  Also, I was going to start doing belly shots this week (even if all you can see is my fat rolls, I am told I will regret it if I don't do it) but due to feeling generally gross with the cold, this is being deferred until next week....or maybe week 12 :)  Here is the week 10 run down and then I will give a recap of the first prenatal appointment at the bottom.

Not sure I am even still having any pregnancy related symptoms.  If I am, they are all completely masked by the cold symptoms.  I do think my boobs are a little bigger for sure so :)  And the redeeming factor to not sleeping well due to having a cold is I haven't had a serial killer nightmare in days!

Food Aversions:

Nothing really -- maybe spinach


Popsicles, Apple Juice, and Sprite Zero but this could be related to the cold (they all feel nice on my sore throat and go down easy)

Weight Gain:
2 pounds lost

Great Moments/Milestones:
Going to the first prenatal appointment and having the doctor confirm that there is still a heartbeat

Size of Baby:

Prune(1.2 in/0.14 oz)
First Prenatal Appointment
I ended up deciding to go to For Women in Evendale at Dr Thie's recommendation because Eric seemed really excited to have the option to come to the appointments if he wanted.  I am nervous to deliver at Good Sam because they do double up rooms on mother baby if the census is high and though I have been told by Dr. Thie and Dr. Kessler that this hasn't happened in months, it does not mean it won't happen in MY month.  I would hate the thought of Eric having to leave and go home at night when our first child is born.  He has fought and waited for this baby just as much as I have and it would KILL me to have them send him home.  Obviously, I will be praying for low census in the mid Sept to mid Oct season :)
So the first prenatal appointment wasn't really what I expected. I thought I would be given information on how much weight to gain, nutrition stuff, safe exercises and medications, the general pregnancy information run down.  Instead, I got weighed, my blood pressure was checked, I got an STD check, a breast exam, and a brief listen to the baby on the Doppler and that is mostly it.  She took my medical history and asked if I had any questions but then didn't really give me any time to ask any before leaving to go see another patient. So the only new information I got was that she thought it would be great if I "only gained 10 pounds at the most" this pregnancy.  Seems like an ambitious goal but I will see what I can do.  Dr. Kessler was very friendly and nice but for a first prenatal visit and as a new patient to the practice as well, I was definitely disappointed with the amount of information given. 

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  1. I love reading your story!!!!!!! And yes, once you leave the safe haven of an RE's office, the regular OB's herd in and out like cattle! We are currently on our 2nd IVF (1st resulted in our dear son who is 2.5 now), we're only 5.5 weeks along and hope to hear the heartbeat at our ultrasound appointment next week. However, I think we might use a midwife this time. I'm hoping for a different birthing experience than the "norm". I can't wait to get through the rest of your story!