Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 weeks

This week has been very laid back. We got to go to Kaiyah's family birthday party Sunday and she was just as cute as a button and she is definitely at the age where it is fun to watch her open her presents and be surprised by what is inside. She gets SO excited! Another cool twist, Art and Becky got her some jungly wall decals that were super cute and now Eric and I are thinking of getting something similar once we are to the point of setting up the nursery.  Only down side, I still had the sniffles and did not want to pass on any bugs so there was no snuggling with baby Violet :(

Wow, I thought morning sickness was supposed to start getting better now so why is it the worst it has ever been this week?!?!  All other symptoms seem to have disappeared except the baby's heartbeat which is still very audible on my in home Doppler (thank God for the Doppler and the peace of mind it gives me every Tuesday and Friday when I listen to the bumpity bump bump of the baby's heartbeat)

Food Aversions:

Nothing really -- except everything when I am nauseous


Popsicles and Sprite Zero
Weight Gain:
1 pounds lost

Great Moments/Milestones:
Not much this week...just glad the baby is still alive and growing :)

Size of Baby:

Lime (1.6 in/0.25 oz)

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