Tuesday, March 26, 2013

13 weeks

OMG, the heartbeat was SO easy to find and SO loud on the Doppler this morning which must mean my peanut is getting bigger, LOVE it! I can hardly believe I have actually made it to the official start of the second trimester.  It feels so real, like there really will be a baby for me at the end, and it is a little crazy to try to wrap my brain around that! Eric and I are becoming a little more comfortable in our belief that this pregnancy is going to work out and so we even took a stroll through the local Buy Buy Baby to browse baby stuff.  Holy walls and walls of choices for EVERYTHING! It is a little daunting in there really but we did see some cute things and we found a crib we both think is beautiful (I will put a picture below for your enjoyment and admiration).

In other baby related news, I finally felt comfortable enough to go out and purchase some maternity tops of my very own (a special thank you to Amanda for the ones you have donated that have helped get me through to now and to Kristie who spent HOURS shopping with me!) and I took my first official "baby" bump photo...though to be honest I think the baby is still all in my pelvis so this is more like my pre-pregnancy starting out comparison type photo.


Nose is still stuffy but otherwise I feel pretty much normal.  May need to invest in a body pillow soon though as it is getting less comfortable to sleep flat on my stomach which is my current preferred sleeping method and then I wake up flat on my back which is a no no once the bump pops into the tummy 

Food Aversions:

Nothing - hoping this stays this way for the rest of the pregnancy!


Nothing here either really - Boring, I know 
Weight Gain:
Back to pre-pregnancy weight - will be starting to exercise again now in the second trimester and shooting for an hour of cardio 6 days a week

Great Moments/Milestones:
Making it to the official start of the second trimester....and FINALLY being ready to tell our extended families that we are pregnant come Easter Sunday!

Size of Baby:

Peach (2.9 in/0.81 oz)
The crib Eric and I love...not the bumper on it but the actual wood frame :)


I am a chunky monkey but I am looking forward to a rounder, more baby like belly in the near future...and then trying to lose some serious weight before baby #2 so I can have a cute little baby bump (oh, the best of intentions!)



  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog of your experience...how reassuring. I am in exactly the same situation as you (well, nearly), stopped taking BCP in November 2010, married and started trying in Feb 2011, fell pregnant in Jan 2012, miscarried @9w6d (although I knew I would m/c @9w when I had my 1st scan and they measured 6w2d) :-(

    Tried and tried and tried again and fell pregnant on 2nd IVF cycle. Today is 6w3d and I am a wreck!! Like you said, every day feels like a week! I have my first scan at 7w, I just want to get into 13th/14th week. So reassuring to read your posts as I am trying not to over diagnose every twinge.
    Congrats to you making it into your 2nd trimester :-)))))

    1. Congratulations!!! Just wanted to let you know that I fell off on keeping the blog but we actually do have our little girl now and she is 6 months old and the sweetest thing. It can work out after miscarriage and infertility and it will for you, probably this very time!!! I absolutely understand the nervousness and there isn't anything you can do to make it go away quicker but my advice is to find room to truly enjoy and appreciate what is happening to you even as you deal with the nerves because I regretted letting the nervousness hold me back so much in the early months. Please stop back and keep me posted on how things are going with you and congratulations again!!!!

  2. Boo! I'm sad there is nothing more to read, but THRILLED at your success! May God continue to bless you and your family!!!