Tuesday, March 19, 2013

12 weeks

Ok, so according to most websites, I am still in the first trimester but a few (those that are based on a developmental model) say that today is the first day of the second trimester since my embryo has now grown large enough to be called a fetus! Yay!


Nasal congestion (which makes it hard to sleep well) and Headaches (both due to increasing blood volume), cramping (due to expanding uterus), and low back pain (due to loosening up of tendons).  Not the most comfortable symptoms but all good signs of progress so I'll take it.  Also hoping a baby bump will pop out of my pelvis soon as according to my baby app, it could happen any time now :)

Food Aversions:

Nothing - No nausea, Whoo Hoo (knock on wood)


Weight Gain:
0.2 pounds lost
Great Moments/Milestones:
Hitting the second trimester in the developmental model by growing a FETUS!

Size of Baby:

Plum (2.1 in/0.49 oz)

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