Sunday, March 3, 2013

9w5d -- we made it!

Our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 9w4d and I am happy to confirm that today at 9w5d the baby still has an audible heartbeat and I haven't had any bleeding or spotting in several weeks!!! I am very excited to get to this day but will not be celebrating it the way I had hoped (by going to Becky and Kelly's birthday party) because when one worry passes, another must take its place (this is a law of physics right?).  So, now that we are past the last miscarriage, my body has decided to host its third illness in the 7 weeks since our embryo transfer, this time a wonderful head cold complete with horrible amounts of nasal congestion, sinus pain, nose blowing (thank God for the tissues with lotion!), sore throat, and the worst part: FEVER and chills.  Tylenol does help keep the fever down and the headache and sinus pain at bay but in general I am TIRED of being SICK!!!!! Hopefully this will be the last parasite to visit me (other than the baby) for the next 30 weeks!

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